Tight as a weld seam

New Dockweiler ZeroCon® connection combines the advantages of a weld seam with detachability

Customers’ and authorities ever-rising expectations of tube connections regarding leakproofness, temperature limits, and cleanability mean increasing challenges for manufacturers.

With ZeroCon®, Dockweiler AG is adding to its range of products the first metal-only connection that combines all the advantages of a detachable connection with those of a weld seam. This makes this product far superior to the conventional solutions already established in the market such as VCR®, Clamps, ISO-K, CF, and DIN 11864 connections.

In the semiconductor industry, ZeroCon® is far superior to the frequently used VCR® connections due to its outstanding leakproofness and anti-twist locking. In the pharmaceutical industry too, ZeroCon® is setting new standards. The disadvantages commonly experienced with soft-seal connections in terms of dead space and pressure and temperature resistance, for example when flushing or disinfecting, are not encountered with ZeroCon®. Outgassing from the elastomer, which can contaminate the process medium, is also ruled out with ZeroCon®.

The new connection is available in sizes from 1/4" to 1" - from 1/4" to 1" as a screw connection. The product can of course also be supplied in ISO and metric sizes.

ZeroCon® can be used in many applications. In addition to the use in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, there is also good potential in the vacuum technology and fine chemicals industries, for example in the storage and transport of organometallic compounds in our bubbler systems.


The advantages of ZeroCon® at a glance:  

  • As tight as a weld seam

The leakproofness of the connection exceeds the performance of commonly used helium leak detectors. A leakproofness of ≤ 1 x 10-13 mbar l/s is possible

  • Virtually no dead space

With a not measureable dead space volume, the connection is superior to those commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. This gives bacteria and cultures no room to spread, resulting in much briefer flushing times. The product is also 100% sterilizable.

  • Extremely temperature resistant

Since the gasket and flanges are made from the same material (1.4404 / 316L), the functioning of the connection remains stable even at temperatures from -196°C up to + 450°C (-321°F up to +842°F).

  • Easy to install

The system is self-centering, with a metal end stop that indicates when the installation is complete. With smaller sizes of up to 1″, anti-twist locking also ensures perfect installation.

  • Good weldability

Specially selected melts ensure good weldability and simple, smooth assembling of the system with further installation components.