Semicon Europa 2017

Experience Welding 2.0 at the Semicon Europe

The welding of electro-polished tubes, in particular tubes used for UHP applications, is a time-consuming and costly operation. Excessive purging and the associated duration of welding are enormous cost drivers for installations and contribute to a considerable part to the total project costs.

With the new Eco-Purge system, Dockweiler offers a solution that tremendously reduces these costs - with up to 90% savings of the required purge gas and a reduction of the total welding time by up to 85% per weld.


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You are interested?

Just visit us at our booth number B1-152 at the Semicon Europe in Munich. We will demonstrate the Eco-Purge system together with the company Orbitalum several times a day.


If you are interested send us an e-mail to and we will offer you a code for a free admission ticket. A small surprise gift awaits you at our booth.


We look forward to your visit!