Evans Ball Valves - the Number One in the Semiconductor Industry

Leak integrity, cleanliness, high flow rates, provided at low cost, make Evans High Puritiy Ball Valves the number one specified ball valve in the semiconductor industry worldwide.  

Material: 316L
Dimensions: 1/4" to 6"

Availible body configurations:

  • Straight
  • Simple T
  • Double T


Evans Ball Valves are mainly used in:

  • Inert bulk gas distribution
  • Nitrogen for pneumatic applications
  • Process vacuum exhaust
  • Dry, oil free compressed air systems
  • Solvents, such as isopropylalcohol
  • Breathable air

Product characteristics / advantages:

  • Full port allows unrestricted gas flow
  • Customised fabrication, e.g. different end connections
  • 100 % leak testing for all configurations
  • Tube weld ends with Dockweiler Tubing (full traceability of melts)


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