Customized Installation Components

A wide range of functions must often be installed in a minimum of space where standard components can’t be used.  Dockweiler AG has decades of experience in the development and realization of customized installation solutions for different industries.

Manifolds made of corrosion-resistant materials, complex geometries, valve branches with a minimized dead volume or surfaces that are easy to clean – these examples are just some of the requirements our customized fabrication department to realize day in day out.

In such projects our specialists benefit from many years of experience in construction and project management. Our experienced and certified welding personnel welds the components you order with patented welding machines. All the welding work is carried out in accordance to relevant and required standards.

Our QA department tests each customized component according to national and international standards. All components are supplied with a detailed documentation.

Read more about our technical testing capabilities

Mandy Hofemann (phone +49 38757-58-107) will be glad to advise you on questions concerning construction and drawing realization.

Find more information on customized products here:

Prefabrication for Fluids

Prefabrication for Gases

An example of a customized product realized recently:

The Wendelstein 7-X-Stellator, Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma physics (IPP)

Dockweiler has produced 4,500 metres of cooling water pipelines with very complex geometries. For further details on this project, please have a look at the brochure “Wendelstein 7-X and Fusion” or visit the website of IPP.

Similar projects are currently in progress.


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