Quality - Surface quality and purity 

Dockweiler AG, a recognised supplier of seamless tubes, has become an acknowledged specialist with an ultra-modern production site for pharmaceutical tubes and components as well as tubes and fittings for the gas transfer in the semiconductor industry. Over the past years the company has gained considerable technical know-how as well as profound engineering knowledge of prefabrications and optimisation of installation components, especially in the field of sterile, pure and ultra high purity production processes. 

The Dockweiler qualities are designed to meet the special requirements:

  • Semiconductor: The leading semiconductor manufacturers around the world entrust their production to Dockweiler stainless steel tubes and components. Today stainless steel tubes for any application - ranging from UHP to PCW - are available 

  • Pharmaceutical Industry / Biotechnology: Dockweiler offers different types of stainless steel tube systems that fulfil the special requirements of these markets, such as high corrosion resistance or sterilisability, in every respect. This system also includes an economical tube and fittings programme according to ASME BPE. 

  • Analytics: Analytics represents a wide-ranging and complex area of application. Standardized tubes and high purity tubes are needed among other things in medical labs, for sampling in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries as well as in biotechnology and for motor test benches in the automotive industry. Customied fabrication has increasingly gained importance during the past years because a maximum of functions must often be installed in a minimum of space. 

  • Photovoltaics: Dockweiler stainless steel systems as well as valves and instruments from our partner Evans Components from Portland / USA provide optimised solutions for a variety of applications, such as process gases - basic gas supply - industrial process cooling and slurry. This means that the customer can obtain all components - from high purity, electropolished and orbital welded components to economical Vic Evans Press Fittings combined with our new tube system TCC 304L - from one hand.



Competence in Stainless Steel

Dockweiler AG, a recognised supplier of seamless tubes, has become an acknowledged system specialist with an ultra-modern production site. Over the past years the company has gained considerable technical know-how as well as profound engineering knowledge of prefabrications and optimisation of installtion components, especially in the field of pure and ultra-pure production processes. Today every tenth employee is engaged in quality manageme.

  • Dockweiler Manufacturing Technology: In order to meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry, Dockweiler began to further develop the orbital welding process. Today, we produce, among other things, various types of customised manifolds which are ultra-pure, electropolished and with a minimised dead volume. 

  • Wendelstein 7-X - Manifolds for a nuclear fusion reactor: The production of manifolds for the nuclear fusion reactor of Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald/Germany was a great challenge for us. We had to develop a special orbital welding method to weld these customer tubes in the required quality. The critical bending radii had to be controlled and to be guaranteed according to the customer’s drawings. [Wendelstein, EN, PDF]

  • Literature tip: Dockweiler offers here two topical essays.

    • Ralph Cohen describes his experiences with the installation of prefabricated Dockweiler manifolds, in this case with Evans ball valves in the semiconductor industry. [Reducing Welds, EN, PDF]

    • Dr. Torsten Köcher explains why marked and cleaned gaskets are actually standard equipment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. [Traceability of Plant Components , EN, PDF]




For us sustainability means to manage the company in such a way that our children and grandchildren can live in an intact environment and in an economically secure and societally stable world. That is what we are committed to – as a user of resources, as a business partner and as an employer here in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. Every single process within the company is regularly controlled by our trained personnel. No matter if it is the computer system or the production site; we always try to find ecofriendly solutions. For this reason continuous improvement of ideas is encouraged from all of our staff too.

  • Succesful human resource management: After completing a training programme at Dockweiler there are many opportunities for further education. For many years now, we have been working closely with neighboring colleges, universities and further education institutions. Many employees and trainees make use of these opportunities. 

  • Dockweiler goes Green:

    • In 2009 photovoltaic panels were mounted. Meanwhile they generate 8 percent of the current needed at Dockweiler. Furthermore we save approx. 65 MWh of the heat output needed per year, as we use the waste heat from the grinding shop for the heating system. 
    • From the middle of 2013 on, our customer can receive all invoices in PDF format by email which reduces the paper consumption and avoids transport emissions.

  • Environmental audits: Dockweiler continually strives to conserve natural resources. The environmental standard DIN ISO 14001 offers a systems which critically evaluates the consumption in all company departments and offers solutions. The audits garantee that ecological efforts are always kept constant.